Part 2: Why You Should Write Letters to Yourself.

Part 2: Why You Should Write Letters to Yourself.

If you’re here from my previous post, welcome back! Today I wanted to share a few more tips when writing letters to your future self. I also share excerpts of letters I’ve received over the years!

Tip 1: Stop over-thinking.

When I first started writing these letters, I’d worry about whether it was structured correctly. I picked apart what I wrote, deleted and re-typed.

Don’t be like me when I started. Stop over-thinking!

The aim of the game is to express yourself and your emotions without a filter!

Tip 2: Don’t stop at your own inbox.

Send a letter to a loved one. I haven’t tried this yet, but it could be a great way to connect with others.

Whether the person lives abroad, interstate or in the same city, it could be an interesting way to delve into memories, conflicts and joyful moments.

You could even find a writing buddy! I have seen this across platforms and it could be a new “pen pal” set-up!

Tip 3: Celebrate the wins in life.

Venting can be cathartic for many of us. However, if we focus too much on negativity and pain, it can create an unpleasant atmosphere both in our minds and when in community with others.

Remember to celebrate the good stuff! Even if it doesn’t seem super important, mention it in your letter. You’d be surprised how much that can boost your mood!

Tip 4: Learn to let go.

One of the benefits of sending a letter to the future was to practice the art of letting go.

I noticed in my behaviour that I could easily hold-on to bad memories, and replay scenarios in my head. I knew it wasn’t healthy but the habit was hard to break.

I made a conscious effort to say what needed to be said, took a deep breath and released the emotion.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Below are excerpts of letters I’ve received over the years. A little vulnerability might help others take the next step in either writing or finally being honest about their emotions. Either way, if it helps just ONE person, then I know it was worth it!

 “I really hope you’ve found purpose in the small, slow, tedious moments. and if you’re still trying, then good! keep trying! 🙂” – July 2015

My impatience is real. If I weren’t working then it’d be the I don’t know how to cope with study and work… anyway I hope you are well, Angela. Keep your head high. Reach out if you need to.” – August 2015

Look after yourself. Remember those that matter. We all have a place in this world! And change is constant. Be open to life’s challenges and welcome love in. Here’s to you; for strength, courage, laughter and light. – August 2015

All of a sudden I would feel detached. Not there, not feeling anything. Numb. I’m so so angry. I’m hurting. I don’t know how to release it or what to do. I shouldn’t dwell but right now I’m still trying to process everything. I don’t know if I/we can overcome this.” – October 2015

Oh gosh this bed it feels so cold,
My head was led by the lies you told.
But to this day my heart you stole,
In a bind left behind waiting for your call
.” (Pour Me Out, He Is We) November 2015 I sent myself lyrics.

What scares me though, is the future. What if I wake up and feel different about everything? What if this course isn’t what I want? What if I don’t get this new job? Nothing I can change at this moment or exactly ‘work towards’ so I will quieten these thoughts.” – June 2016

Practice thankfulness. Even if it’s one thing. Fight through the darkness. You are strong. Your body is strong. Your legs carry you wherever you need to go. Your voice is loud to be open and honest to those around you. Your heart is big and beats sure. There is beauty in everything. Always seek the beauty. – May 2017

I hope these tips were helpful and reading a few excerpts gave you an idea of what you might write about! It doesn’t have to be perfect – just honest!

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Part 1: Why You Should Write Letters to Yourself.

Part 1: Why You Should Write Letters to Yourself.

Around 5 or 6 years ago, I came across a website where I could schedule letters to myself a year in advance.

Having low tolerance for things that “take time”, I’d write sporadically. I used this website to vent my frustration and sadness. I didn’t think much of it at first.

Now you might be wondering, “Should I do this too?” I list a few reasons why below!

Expand your hobbies.

Depending on how you usually express yourself, writing about a day or event can seem strange or straight-up uncomfortable.

Sometimes we don’t want to ‘relive’ or recreate emotions that make us angry, sad or frustrated. That’s normal. It’s our brain’s way of protecting us!

However, being able to sit back and reflect on our lives in such a way can be hugely beneficial. Not just mentally, but emotionally too.

Expand your hobbies while expressing your emotions!

It could improve communication.

If you’re like me, you may struggle to communicate how you really feel. This can be minor to severe, depending on your past and current experiences.

Typing out how you’re feeling can help with communication because it forces your brain to think about the words you want to use.

If the words sound off or “not like you” then it’s as easy as pressing ‘delete‘. Of course, in real life, there isn’t a button we can press. However, finding an outlet to be honest about an event, person and ourselves, can translate in our relationships.

The present is a gift.

The beauty of technology is that there are so many apps to help us live our lives easier.

Using this platform to schedule letters to your future self is no different. You can add nuggets of wisdom and motivational quotes or videos.

Being reminded of our accomplishments and strengths through the rough patches in life can give us perspective. It can also give us the strength to continue forward especially on the days that seem dull.

Whether you receive a letter on the weekend, at the end of the day or in the morning, it can be a source gratitude for the things you’ve learned and accomplished. That, my friend, is a gift.

It can help you see the positive in every situation.

When writing, I tried my best to end each letter on a good note. Sometimes it was effortless. Sometimes I had to sit and think about what positivity I could possibly find that day. Even though it was difficult, one positive thing helped me on my road to a positive mindset.

There are pros and cons in most situations. Being aware of them can help us see life in a realistic, logical way.

In Part 2, I will share some of my personal letters with you as examples on what to write and how easy it can be when you leave the over-thinking at the door!

You simply have to start. Whether it’s writing, creating or working — just begin!

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A Big Serving of Thank You with a dash of Roll-call.

A Big Serving of Thank You with a dash of Roll-call.

I appreciate you.

The last few weeks have included a lot of reflection on my part as a blogger. Since my contract at my day-job has adjusted, I’ve realised how being creative (writing/creating positive content) is an integral part of my life.

I guess what I’m trying to say (by beating around the bush until the last episode like they do on Terrace House) is that I have fallen in love with creativity again.

In saying that, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the success and I’m afraid of failure.

Let me try and explain further.

Knowing that there are people from Colombia, Canada, USA, Croatia, South Africa, China, Philippines and Malaysia who read what I write is overwhelming and mind-boggling!

It has been over a year since I took this hobby seriously and it is time to express my appreciation for all you amazing readers.

I can’t thank you enough for your support!

The roll-call. AKA Q&A.

To connect with you on a deeper level, I invite you to ask me anything on my Tumblr site whether it be about mental health, my blog posts, growing up, relationships, mindset, friendships and so on.

It is a great feature where people on the interwebs can ask questions and share ideas. Suggestions and general feedback is most welcome!

As usual, there is motivating and positive content there too! Like the incentive that there’s food at a party, there is food for thought!

For short answer questions, I will leave them on the Tumblr page. For long answers or clarification, I will post them to The Tiny Healer website and link directly to the post.

To protect your privacy, you can choose to stay anonymous. If you would like me to sign your name/alias, please let me know. It may help to remember who asked what question once it is posted.

You may be wondering, what sparked this curiosity?

Growing up, there were moments where I felt a lot of pressure to behave, feel and act a certain way. When I’d express my struggles or concerns, it was often met with insensitive comments or flat-out ignorance. It made me think that my emotions were invalid. Perhaps the way my brain processed things and the way my body looked was less-than.

You can probably see why I chose to create The Tiny Healer. I am building a space where it is SAFE to talk about mental health, life struggles and development.

I am a huge believer in learning, whether it’s life-experience from a job, happiness, travel or tragedy.

It is through learning that we can heal, be better and do better.

There is a response I learned in the first module of Japanese at uni: Okagesamade genki desu. Translation according to our tutor: thanks to those around me, I am good.

Because of your continued support and feedback, I can continue to write and share positivity! If you feel inclined, let’s have a conversation!

Ask Me Anything

By clicking the links in this post, it will take you directly to the “Ask Box”. Please type in your question/thought and click “ask”. If you don’t see your question in the following days, please Ask through the link again or email me with “Ask Me Anything” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you!

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

After reading online reviews of this book, I decided to join the bandwagon and buy it. This book is literally, as it states, practical. It’s a great read about how and why we may relate to the world as we do.

As you know, I am forever curious about human behaviour, emotion and interaction. I find it fascinating that we can change our habits, perspectives and mindset once we are exposed to a new way of living!

The Four Agreements are as follows:

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.

I read this book in chronological order. Surprisingly, it helped to read each practical guide in this way. To digest the information and apply it accordingly takes time and patience.

If you’re anything like me, curious about human behaviour and finding ways to improve the way we treat others, I’d definitely recommend this book. Below, we can look at each Agreement and how I personally used them to improve my life. I’ve also included a link to the book so you can try these out for yourself!

1. Be impeccable with your word.

This was an interesting agreement. Ruiz defines this simply as not gossiping about others.

When we’re so engrossed in other people’s lives, it doesn’t give us much space to practice self-awareness or empathy for others. We can get caught in a cycle of rumours about people we probably don’t know too well. What’s the point? Not only is this harmful for others, it sets a negative tone in our own minds.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

As we are emotional beings, there are many moments that we can lose our cool or spit out the wrong thing at the wrong time. That’s normal. Paying attention to the way we think and speak can help alleviate awkward foot-mouth situations.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

This agreement really hit home for me. Ruiz explains this rule simply: what other people say and do are a projection of their own reality.

When someone would correct my mistakes, it felt like a personal attack. The story re-played in my head: “I don’t know anything, of course I made a mistake. I can’t do anything right.” I struggled with self-confidence and self-doubt. I was told often that I didn’t know anything, so I believed it.

If I could remove the attachment to another’s words, I wouldn’t find myself in this toxic cycle of pain and belittling.

I fought so hard, for so long to begin changing my mindset. Changing a story we’ve told ourselves for years is difficult to say the least. It’s confronting. It will always be a work in progress. But progress is still progress! That’s a win!

3. Don’t make assumptions

Yet another agreement that resonated deeply for me. I was beginning to think that this book could address universal social/personal problems with unbelievable ease.

The way my brain has been wired, unfortunately jumps straight to conclusions.

Although expecting the worst may prepare us for certain challenges, it doesn’t help in daily life.

Assuming the worst about others or ourselves is sabotaging. It can affect how we trust others and maintain relationships.

Instead of making assumptions, ask. Having difficult conversations have been a struggle for me. I will say after years of working through my fears and building up my confidence, asking to clarify something has improved my life exponentially.

It can be difficult to know the line between clarifying a topic/opinion and starting a fire. So tread lightly while putting this agreement in practice. Our laundry doesn’t need to be aired to the general public.

Change first starts with you. So instead of replaying an assumption in your head, remind yourself that there is no evidence for it. If that person/group of people have not expressed their dislike toward you, don’t assume they do. Of course, we can tell through behaviour and social settings how someone may feel toward us. If it is hurtful or toxic, then leave.

4. Always do your best

This agreement was the easiest to digest for me. Growing up, I knew that my best was the only option.

I learned that nobody is perfect. We make mistakes and we may hurt others in the process. I learned that our best may not ever be good enough to some people. That’s okay. Take the lesson and move forward.

Of course, being hard on ourselves isn’t the way to go about accomplishing all our goals. There must be balance between work and play.

Doing your best can look different when comparing to another person, so just focus on living life according to your best ability. Our best effort changes from moment to moment. For example, we cannot expect the same quality of work or productiveness when we’re sick. Be mindful of yourself and others.

At the end of the day, if you know you tried your best, you’re saving yourself from your own and even others’ judgement. No one can take that away from you. Stand tall in your accomplishments!

Have you read this book yet? If so, which agreement did you resonate with most? What did you find challenging?

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How to regulate stress when flying alone for the first time.

How to regulate stress when flying alone for the first time.

What is stress?

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Stress in general is a simple emotion that can help us survive in critical situations and can also help us stay productive in our jobs through things like project deadlines and customer demand.

When we do new things for the first time, there is a level of stress that may arise. An interesting thing to note however, is the fact that the brain can’t always distinguish nervousness/stress from excitement. So in hindsight, I was likely excited to begin my vacation, but nervous to fly alone. Interesting, right?

For this years trip, I was flying from Adelaide, Australia to Queenstown, New Zealand with a quick stop over in Sydney. If you’ve never flown alone before, I’ve listed a few things that helped me regulate stress so I could fully enjoy my vacation!


3-5 days before, I began packing. Usually, I have a list of things I need. In the end, I started with basics and worked my way up – no list needed! First up: underwear, thermals and socks! I then tried on all the outfits I planned in my head and took photos for reference. I put all these items on one side of my bedroom when they were ready to be packed. I then packed toiletries, electronics (charger cables, laptop, hairdryer, straightener) and big jackets.

The night before, I laid out my “airplane outfit” so I could change quickly and get out the door. Packing early ensures we can get up and go, minus any last-minute panic-packing!


a. Luggage.

I triple checked my luggage to make sure that all my heavy and non-essential items were going to be checked-in. If an item wasn’t going to be used on the flight or in-between flights, it was going into my luggage bag! Once my baggage was checked, I knew that was one less thing I needed to worry about!

b. Carry-on.

Essentials for me, included a book to read, extra layers in case I get cold and my crossbody which would be stored in my carry-on. I dedicated one section of my crossbody to hold my  itinerary and passport. That way, those documents were separate from miscellaneous items like perfume and earphones.

The stop-over in Sydney required a shuttle-bus ride. As soon as I landed, I got my next ticket out and kept it wedged in my passport for ease-of-access, once I got to the gate.

Being organised as much as possible minimises questions of whether or not we have everything we need.


On my flight to Sydney, I sat next to a lovely lady named Kylee (@kyleeeann) and we got to chatting. It made me feel better knowing I wasn’t the only one flying alone (although rationally, I know many people do). We spoke about our plans, what we do in our daily lives and even shared our social media ventures! I know it can be awkward sitting next to complete strangers if you’re used to travelling with friends or family, but you never know who you may meet and what you might learn through these short encounters!


Kylee tapped me on the shoulder to look out the window. The sun was rising. It was a beautiful mix of orange, yellow and navy blue. Waking up at 3AM was difficult and as scary as it was to be flying alone, there are always pockets of goodness and beauty if you look for it! So if you’re awake enough, look out the window!


During my stopover, I only had 1.5 hour between flights (which in hindsight, wasn’t long enough). I rushed to the loo and then ran to the other side of the airport to catch a shuttle bus to the international terminal. Once I got to the bus line, I realised I was very close to missing my connecting flight. Talk about stressed! I fixed my eyes on a spot on the wall and breathed deeply. I slowed my mind down. Yes, I was still focused on the ticking clock but I tried my best to intentionally calm myself and regulate my breathing. I did not have control over how fast the bus would arrive, so there was no point in stressing over it. I learned a lot about myself in terms of “control” and how it feels to let it go.


I love a good, creamy, non-dairy coffee. However, I opted for water for both flights. Although coffee was satisfying, it would exacerbate my nervousness. For those who know me, know I enjoy a good bite to eat, so I made sure to have breakfast and lunch to keep me fuelled for the day ahead. I listened to my body and that’s something I’m proud of myself for! In the last few months, I’ve found it difficult to distinguish hunger, fullness and dehydration. If you have had moments or days like this too, it is time to listen to your body. It is so important to treat our bodies well.

I hope you found these tips helpful for your next adventure! Stress is normal. If we find ways to regulate it, stress can be beneficial for productivity and organisation.

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