About Angela

I am a 24 year old Filipino woman, born and raised in Australia. I’m a full-time psychology & counselling student (yes, I live week to week but no, I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything). Compassion is my biggest strength. Second, is my ability to watch YouTube videos until 2AM. My weaknesses are generic. They include things like dairy and clothes that fit only-ever-so-perfect.


Why The Tiny Healer?

I created this platform to educate others and to express my thoughts through words and visual imagery. I’d also like to document my journey of learning and living with like-minded individuals. I am interested in music, fashion and exploring the world – so my posts may include those too! You may notice my online presence is constantly changing so please bear with me as I find my footing.


What do I hope for?

It is my hope to raise awareness about mental-health issues, encourage self-discovery as well as compassion for people. Particularly, in the Asian community (where I grew up as well as others I’ve had conversations with) where mental health was not mentioned much or at all throughout their childhood/adult life. Honesty is good for the soul and healthy for the mind. The more honest we are, the less energy we spend hiding.


Always remember, that the real you, is enough.