About Angela

I am a 25 year old Filipino woman, born and raised in Australia. I’m an aspiring psychology & counselling student, passionate about mental health (you can read on the update here). Compassion is my biggest strength. Second, is my ability to watch YouTube videos until 2AM. My weaknesses are generic. They include most dairy products and clothes that fit only-ever-so-perfect.

Why The Tiny Healer?

I created this platform to educate others about mental illness, self-care and ways to cope through difficult situations. For me, self-expression is hugely cathartic, so The Tiny Healer is a place to document my journey of learning about life. I write about topics such as food, relationships, finance, decluttering and fashion — all with a mental-health/creative perspective! You may notice my online presence changing, so bear with me as I find my footing!

What do I hope for?

It is my hope to raise awareness about mental-health issues, encourage self-discovery as well as compassion for oneself and others. In my experience within the Asian community,  mental health was not mentioned much or at all. Overall as a society, we are more accepting, but there is still stigma out there. Until I started processing my trauma and working on becoming a better human, I realised the value in being aware of the mental cycles and emotions we experience.

Please feel free to read through my posts and leave a comment if something resonates with you!

Angela is now on Medium

I share my latest posts on lofty ideas and self-development experiences on this platform. Your continued support is appreciated!

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