I am a 24 year old Filipino woman, born and raised in Australia. I’m a full-time psychology & counselling student (don’t worry, I’m not analysing your behaviour – or am I?). Wondering why life isn’t easy yet, living week-to-week. Compassion is my biggest strength. Second, is my ability to watch YouTube videos until 2AM. My weaknesses are generic. They include things like dairy and clothes that fit only-ever-so-perfect.

As a young teenager, I realised that being kind was the least you could do for another human being. Often, friends would approach me with their struggles. I am thankful for those times, because it was a glimpse into what life would be like today. Through my own struggles as well as struggles triumphed by those I love, I am now an advocate for mental health and wellbeing!

A perfectionist at heart, I struggle a lot with self-criticism. I’m slowly teaching myself that I am enough.

Although I’m still young, there are many stories and words of encouragement that I’d like to share with the world.

I’m curious about human emotion and the inner workings of the mind.

Currently, I live in beautiful Australia, but I am always aware of new places I could call home.