A Big Serving of Thank You with a dash of Roll-call.

I appreciate you.

The last few weeks have included a lot of reflection on my part as a blogger. Since my contract at my day-job has adjusted, I’ve realised how being creative (writing/creating positive content) is an integral part of my life.

I guess what I’m trying to say (by beating around the bush until the last episode like they do on Terrace House) is that I have fallen in love with creativity again.

In saying that, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the success and I’m afraid of failure.

Let me try and explain further.

Knowing that there are people from Colombia, Canada, USA, Croatia, South Africa, China, Philippines and Malaysia who read what I write is overwhelming and mind-boggling!

It has been over a year since I took this hobby seriously and it is time to express my appreciation for all you amazing readers.

I can’t thank you enough for your support!

The roll-call. AKA Q&A.

To connect with you on a deeper level, I invite you to ask me anything on my Tumblr site whether it be about mental health, my blog posts, growing up, relationships, mindset, friendships and so on.

It is a great feature where people on the interwebs can ask questions and share ideas. Suggestions and general feedback is most welcome!

As usual, there is motivating and positive content there too! Like the incentive that there’s food at a party, there is food for thought!

For short answer questions, I will leave them on the Tumblr page. For long answers or clarification, I will post them to The Tiny Healer website and link directly to the post.

To protect your privacy, you can choose to stay anonymous. If you would like me to sign your name/alias, please let me know. It may help to remember who asked what question once it is posted.

You may be wondering, what sparked this curiosity?

Growing up, there were moments where I felt a lot of pressure to behave, feel and act a certain way. When I’d express my struggles or concerns, it was often met with insensitive comments or flat-out ignorance. It made me think that my emotions were invalid. Perhaps the way my brain processed things and the way my body looked was less-than.

You can probably see why I chose to create The Tiny Healer. I am building a space where it is SAFE to talk about mental health, life struggles and development.

I am a huge believer in learning, whether it’s life-experience from a job, happiness, travel or tragedy.

It is through learning that we can heal, be better and do better.

There is a response I learned in the first module of Japanese at uni: Okagesamade genki desu. Translation according to our tutor: thanks to those around me, I am good.

Because of your continued support and feedback, I can continue to write and share positivity! If you feel inclined, let’s have a conversation!

Ask Me Anything

By clicking the links in this post, it will take you directly to the “Ask Box”. Please type in your question/thought and click “ask”. If you don’t see your question in the following days, please Ask through the link again or email me with “Ask Me Anything” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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