Life update: Am I studying? Financial goals? Travel?

Announcement: I’ve started writing on Medium. Please head there for my latest posts! Thank you so much for your support~

It’s been really quiet on this side of the interwebs… I can hear the tumbleweed. So here’s an update of what I’ve been up to and some changes that occurred since my last post!


  • Started working full-time
  • I withdrew from studying psychology
  • I set some specific financial goals
  • Traveling to New Zealand (south island) in July

I also am continuing to listen to podcasts, I still practice yoga twice a week, I go on wholesome hourly walks in our beautiful neighbourhood, I still vocalise how grateful I am for a job and for the life I have, weekly.


Since getting a new job, I’ve been learning about new systems, navigating a new team and have become an all-round busy-bee, Tuesday–Friday, 9AM-5PM. I was coming home tired from the day and then forcing my brain to use more energy after dinner. I wasn’t sleeping well. I still studied an hour or two each night, but it felt like a forced chore. With other things going on in my personal life, something had to give. And as difficult as it was, I decided to defer my studies until 2020. For the rest of the year, I can focus on saving, having more of a balanced life and of course, growing this blog!


Thanks to many motivational talks and practical examples, I believe that reaching my financial goals are possible. Don’t get me wrong, it is not easy to work towards. I’ve had several breakdowns… If I’ve learned anything these past few months, it’s to expect the unexpected.

At the moment, I’m working towards a 1k Emergency Fund. Eventually, I want to save an extra 3-4k to cover three months worth of bills. From there, I will continue to save for vacations and any other financial-heavy plans.


What excites me is the idea of one day, starting my own counselling practice, creating self-help products and running my own online business.

Here’s a motivational quote that’s been on my mind lately:

“If you want what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.”

Since I’m in my twenties and often feel “lost”, this is a reminder that the time to try new things is now. The time to begin actioning brewing ideas is now. I must continue breaking barriers in my own mindset to achieve more than I’ve achieved before. The option is to grow, not to stay stagnant. Yes, we all get comfortable in our routines. Not to mention, all kinds of tragedy can occur and push our plans back – but it doesn’t mean we stop striving!

This is a long game. The things I’m doing now, will lead me to the places I want to be in the future. And you know what? I may not want the same things later, as I do now. Goals may be achieved earlier or later. Either way, that’s okay.

As long as I’m enjoying the process and still doing things that bring value to others and myself everyday, I am doing well!

What are your current goals and what reminders do you tell yourself to continue working towards them?

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