20 Facts About Me

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In today’s post, I want to get a little bit more personal with you all, so here is a random list of 20 facts about me. Here goes!

  1. My last name, Villanueva, apparently means “new house” or “new town”.
  2. I love watching transformation videos of interior design.
  3. Nicki Minaj is an inspiration to me.
  4. I talk to myself whenever I execute a plan.
  5. I have three tattoos. One on each forearm and one on my back ribcage.
  6. Reading books is a way for me to ‘escape’ reality.
  7. My go-to drink is a pineapple and Malibu. It used to be a ‘vodka sunrise’.
  8. I used vintage wine in cooking only thinking about the flavour in the food, not the fact it was a vintage wine… oops!
  9. Cooking is a huge creative outlet that I enjoy a lot.
  10. My brother and I created a lip-sync video when we were young. Embarrassing!
  11. When I get sick, I drink as many lemon-honey teas as I can handle.
  12. I used to be religious.
  13. I have three brothers and one sister.
  14. Vegetables I am not a fan of are mushrooms and capsicum.
  15. I’ve come to enjoy walks around my new neighbourhood.
  16. I have a fear of heights.
  17. I taught myself to use Photoshop back in high school.
  18. Although I enjoy singing, I don’t do it as often anymore.
  19. I’m short.
  20. I’m one of those women that can eat anything I want and barely put on weight. Perks of having the slim gene.

Introduce yourselves below in the comment section and include an interesting fact or two about you!

I look forward to meeting you.

Welcome back to my regular readers and thank you for joining me if you are new! This blog is about mental-health wellness as well as lifestyle topics like fashion, food, decluttering and travel adventures.
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It is possible to create change and manifest positivity in your life! x

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