Malaysia | Bohey Dulang Island

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When we arrived, we walked down a jetty over beautiful, crystal-clear water. You could see the bottom of the sea bed. Other small islands that were nearby, looked like mounds of broccoli. I’m not kidding. The trees were so vibrantly green!

Cases of stairs started off this short hike. Within two minutes, I realised the mistake I’d made. Steep inclines are no joke! There were several times I thought of turning back, but something kept telling me not to give up. I was also walking with my boyfriend, so I wanted to reach the top as a team. It would be an experience (good or bad or both) that we would endure together.

Almost immediately, I realised that this was not only a physical challenge (being unfit to start with) but also a mental challenge. I needed to stay focused. Be aware of my breath. Remember to drink water.

We stopped several times to catch our breath. The higher we went, the thicker the air and the hotter the temperature felt. Many other tourists were scattered throughout the trail either heading back down or taking a break. At some point half-way through the climb, we lost the rest of our group. Every woman and man for themselves!

The View

Around the last bend, the dirt ground was tightly packed from thousands of feet walking over it. At last, we reached the top! It was essentially a cliff-top overlooking the ocean and smaller islands. People were taking photos, selfies and just admiring the view.

Thinking over this experience, it was a great memory that is a testament to the beautiful country that is Malaysia! Although there are many hikes out there in extreme climates, this short hike definitely challenged me.

What I Learned

It taught me that as long as I’m not in poor health, I can push my body to it’s limits. Now that I think of it, I am so grateful for this body I have. Grateful for my feet. Grateful for my legs. Grateful for my eyes to see the views I did.

It’s incredible how many difficulties in our lives are a mental challenge too. Sometimes we have stories in our minds of ourselves – how we are as people, how we ‘should’ respond, how we react to situations. The main takeaway is that these stories we tell ourselves, can be changed for the better.

This short hike ultimately taught me that taking small steps to change/challenge my usual way of thinking can lead to a positive result!

Is there an experience you’ve gone through – whether it’s a hike, run or walk – that challenged you? Have you ever thought about expressing gratitude for the body you have? Take a moment to do so.

The crystal-clear water. This is a view from the boat.

The stairs we walked along. At least 50% of them were entwined by nature!
The islands look like broccoli!

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