5 Ways to soak-up the Summer Season and Maintain your Mental-health.

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Welcome to 2019!

Congratulations on entering a new year full of opportunity, learning and growth. After the Christmas/New Year holidays, we can get distracted by the demands of work, school or even family and we forget to practice self-care. As a reminder to myself and others, I’ve made a list of 5 things to stick to this summer to maintain our mental-health. Let’s get started!

1. Take your time in the morning.

Taking my time in the morning means that I can set my intentions for the day. What is it that I want to achieve? Am I going to be proactive today or just let the day roll by? I then write down a list of things I want to complete. Of course, with the holiday vibes, I get distracted and watch a movie… or three… The beauty of being a casual worker + student allows me this luxury. But, if you have a full-time job, or if you are raising children at home, I suggest either setting time in your break at work or waking up earlier in the morning to reflect and set intentions for the day. We can get so caught up in life, that sometimes we miss the goodness each season brings us. What can be done while the sun is up that would otherwise be left behind during winter? Is there something you wanted to do during December that you can finally get around to? Would you like to start new habits to help you achieve this year’s goals? Being proactive about our goals/passions can help maintain our mental-health, not just in summer, but all seasons!

2. Visit a local beach.

In South Australia, we are are so lucky to have beautiful coast lines. In the last few weeks, I’ve gone to Grange, Henley and Glenelg beach. Each one has it’s own characteristics. The beauty of summer is how refreshing the water is on a hot day. So, message some friends and enjoy the waves and night-life! Of course, remember to be sun-smart and use sunscreen, drink lots of water and wear appropriate clothes to protect yourself from the sun! Not only are you getting Vitamin D, but you are also spending time with people you vibe with!

3. Enjoy the night life. (I don’t mean clubbing until 5AM, although, you are welcome to).

Around Adelaide, there are night markets and restaurants with outdoor settings to enjoy. These are generally available throughout the year, but something about a balmy, summer’s night encourages people to go out! Hot-spots are buzzing with energy, so soak it up! This summer, I’ve really enjoyed going to pop-up markets and outdoor restaurants. A quick Google will show you what events are on around your city/local area! Join a meditation group, cooking class or even art workshop. With the Fringe around the corner, there will be LOTS to do and see very soon.

4. Spend time with your loved ones.

Whether it’s brunch, coffee or ice cream from your favourite place, take advantage of the sunny weather! For me, quality time is so important to maintain my mental health. What I love about the summer holidays, is that it tends to bring people together!

5. Recharge.

If you work full-time and can’t relax during the “uni holidays”, recharge during your days off or on the weekends. Make it a priority, as little or as much as you need. Whether it’s curling up with a good book under the air-conditioning, or riding your bike down the trails in Adelaide, you do you! Some people recharge by spending time in big groups and events, whereas others find relaxation in being alone. And if you’re like me, I enjoy both! What helps you recharge? Remember, we only have one mind and one body in this lifetime! Find strategies that work for you, and make it a priority to recharge so you can achieve everything you set your mind to!

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